About Us

Steve Tilden grew up in Indianapolis and graduated from Franklin College, where he majored in science with the intention of going into medical research like his father.  But he had an epiphany, and decided that his life would be more useful if he worked in the field of human relations instead.  He then earned his Masters in history.  He wanted to help people achieve peace and justice in their lives and communities.  He observed that over the last 2000 years, progress in applied science was very slow, but gradual increases in knowledge allowed progress to go from horses to the moon in about 70 years.  However, even with religion and many good people, progress in peace, justice and human relations, may have become worse, as evidenced by the Holocaust, and numerous other genocides.  Steve dreams that, someday, “justice for all” will progress, as applied science did.

He has been appointed by two Republican Governors and two Democratic Governors, to state boards.  He became a member of the Southside Youth Council where he was involved in helping young people get mentoring and local jobs.  Trying to realize his purpose of promoting peace, he served on community boards that helped others, including the Indiana First Steps Program and as a board member and Chairperson of the Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities.  He was appointed to the Indiana Advisory Board for the Department of Education for Special Education and a board member and President of the Indiana Parent Information Network, as well as a Board member of Indiana Easter Seals.