About the Project

Simply put, the goal of this project is to get “and justice for all” license plate frames on as many vehicles as possible.

The last words of the Pledge of Allegiance, “and justice for all” express the hope of our founding fathers and citizens, that Americans are better when reminded that we are one people with hopes and aspirations, regardless of differences.

The same advertising principles that are used to help sell cars will help us remember, and apply, a basic principle of our American Democracy: “Justice for All”.

A single license plate frame is just a single seed, but seeds on many cars will sow the principle of justice as effectively as planting the seeds to sell cars.

Individuals can put them on vehicles and organizations can put then on fleets of vehicles.  Churches or other organizations can sell them to raise funds for useful projects.  Examples: Girl/Boy Scout groups, Lions, and other clubs, Goodwill, and other such organizations may raise funds for their projects.  Public utilities and city, county or local governments can put them on their vehicles, sending a positive message of working for everyone, our common good…